Design freely in metal

Give each surface a unique character

Unlimited formability and unique design

Walls, furniture and works of art take on the authentic characteristics of metal. Cold liquid metal that can be sprayed, applied with a palette knife, rolled and poured. Matt, rusty, shiny or textured.

New metals!

Discover the elegance of VeroMetal® Champagne and VeroMetal® Rose

VeroMetal® Champagne
VeroMetal® Rose

These new stylish shades add luxury and glamour to any setting. VeroMetal® Champagne exudes a timeless light-yellow gold tone with warmth and sophistication, creating a chic and glamorous feel. VeroMetal® Rose, on the other hand, has a more rose-reddish hue. Contemporary modern and perfectly suited to today’s zeitgeist and design styles. Both metals can be polished from matt to high gloss, or given an aged look by applying a patina. The possibilities are endless.

As usual, the new metals are available directly from stock. Would you like more information about VeroMetal® Champagne, VeroMetal® Rose or our other metals? Feel free to contact us.

Champagne en rose2

Renewed VeroMetal AquaFill® metal stucco

VeroMetal AquaFill® is a real metal stucco that can be applied to practically any surface. VeroMetal AquaFill® is a complete system with an impressive collection of metal wall finishes.

– Easy to apply
– Long open time
– Maximum metal gloss

Luxurious and durable

Exclusive finishing touch to your design for yachts, hotels and shop interiors. Strong, durable, lightweight metal surface coating with a luxurious look.


Architecture with flair

Premium metal finish for any surface. Façades, walls, floors, furniture or construction elements. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture.

Miles ahead, you notice

Join our expansion

VeroMetal has been successful in the many countries around the world for many years. Now it’s time for even more architects and (product) designers around the world to get acquainted with the design freedom which VeroMetal offers.

We are looking for companies (distribution partners, applicators and OEM’s), that are willing to join us in achieving this goal.

Do you love design, architecture and, of course, metal in all its appearances and forms? Do you want to design and /or create special objects in metal? Like unique display cabinets for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, a shop interior for a top designer store or a stunning work of art, if so please continue reading…