Exterior architecture & design

Impressive facade with metal

Metal facade elements and metal facade cladding add a striking and distinctive character to any building. Metal gives a sleek quality to modern architecture, or a special contrasting twist to a traditional classic design. Considering today’s many architectural possibilities, architects like to choose metal as a high-quality facade finish.

By using VeroMetal® lightweight metal coating of real metal, any facade can be turned into a real metal facade.

VeroMetal® metal coating is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to solid metal. Our metal coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors. The coatings adhere very well to almost any surface and will not break or peel. The light weight, free choice of carrier material and the freedom of form, give architects an almost unlimited freedom in designing with metal.

Our metal coating is real metal

VeroMetal® metal coating is a cold liquid metal, made from real metals. It gives surfaces a luxurious looking top layer. The applied layer forms a strong and durable yet lightweight metal finish, preserving the contours and details of the original design.

After application, the coating has all the optical and physical properties of the metal concerned and, like solid metal, requires very little maintenance.

Mark Slager:

“The VeroMetal® product surprised us. It’s not just a coat of paint, but a coat of real metal. Metal adds charm to a building. Over time, as a result of weather and wind, metal takes on a different appearance. You have no influence on that, so no two pieces are the same.

This gives a building real character. This is a very interesting material, especially for offices and non-residential construction, that require a certain appearance.”

Mark Slager is project leader. At the time of the construction of the Rabobank office in Heerenveen, Mark supervised the construction for Van Wijnen Gorredijk. The facade of the building is clad with polyester facade elements with VeroMetal® copper metal coating.

Same metal coating for interiors and exteriors

VeroMetal® metal coatings are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Architects and designers can apply VeroMetal® metal coatings in any type of exterior and interior project. Striking facade cladding and facade parts for a special finish for offices, commercial buildings and non-residential buildings. It can also be used to attain a luxurious appearance for interior spaces, such as the entrance, waiting areas or meeting rooms. VeroMetal® makes it possible to have the same appearance inside and out.

In addition to non-residential construction, VeroMetal® is also used for high-quality residential construction, luxury shop fittings, attractive interiors of restaurants and the finishings in superyachts. Because the coatings can be applied to almost any surface both indoors and outdoors, the chosen metal finish can be consistently implemented in all elements of a design. Our metal coatings give every interior and exterior project a special character.

Prefab building with VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® is also very suitable to use in large construction projects. Its excellent adhesion to almost any surface, offers architects and project managers the option to use various lightweight materials as a substrate. Loose parts, such as polyester, can be pre-processed with a metal coating and prepared for assembly off-site. These metal finished prefab parts can then be delivered to the construction site ready-to-assemble, so that assembly can be done quickly and easily. This offers large buildings an exclusive metal finish in a short lead time.

Mark Slager:

“Working with light polyester sheets that were sprayed with copper from VeroMetal® saved us a lot of time during the construction of a large project. Our assignment was to clad the facade of the Rabobank building in Heerenveen with copper. We initially proposed to place panelling over the entire facade and mount copper plates on top. This however, would take too much time.

After consultation with all involved, it was decided to use polyester elements with a copper metal coating of VeroMetal®. This allowed us to work faster and easier, with lighter material, while still providing the building with a real copper cladding.”

Mark Slager is project leader. At the time of the construction of the Rabobank office in Heerenveen, Mark supervised the construction for Van Wijnen Gorredijk. The facade of the building is clad with polyester facade elements with VeroMetal® copper metal coating.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Thanks to VeroMetal®, a design using 90% less metal can be achieved by replacing solid metal parts with our more environmentally friendly metal coatings. By choosing a lightweight substrate with a VeroMetal® metal finish of 120-150 microns, a project still has the appearance of real metal, while using significantly less metal raw materials.

In addition, the lighter construction saves energy, because less weight needs to be transported. It can also be applied faster, so fewer working hours are required and the overall construction time is reduced.

The Rabobank facade project in Heerenveen (Netherlands – 1800m2) was built with facade sections with a total weight (including the construction at the rear) of only 18 tons.

Collaborating with VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® encourages all parties to communicate with each other in order to achieve an optimal result. The architects and project leaders, together with our processors search for the right metal coating or make a custom mix of metals. They also review the finish to ensure the metal gives the right appearance, because there are so many possible finishes; from rough to polished or patinated to untreated surfaces.

Together we strive for the ultimate result for every project. We do this by facilitating smooth cooperation with all of the involved parties, clear communication and by giving sincere and honest advice. Click here for the high-profile and special projects in which VeroMetal® has been applied, and please feel free to contact us.

Mark Slager:

“The first time we started working with this form of metal, it was really revolutionary for us. That is why it was great that we were able to consult with VeroMetal® about their product and everyone involved was able to learn about the process. This allowed us to properly map out and prepare the entire process in consultation with VeroMetal®. Despite the fact that it was our first time working with VeroMetal®, the implementation went very smoothly.

The cladding has been attached to the facade for more than ten years now, and it is only becoming more beautiful. It is also very easy in terms of maintenance, it actually does not need anything.
I would definitely consider working with VeroMetal® again for a similar future project.”

Mark Slager is project leader. At the time of the construction of the Rabobank office in Heerenveen, Mark supervised the construction for Van Wijnen Gorredijk. The facade of the building is clad with polyester facade elements with VeroMetal® copper metal coating.

OZEON® exclusive cladding

In addition to a wide range of VeroMetal® metal coatings, there is also a range of exclusive facade panels with a metal top layer available; these are the OZEON® facade panels. By providing interconnected facade materials such as frames, corner profiles, angled edges, rivets and other products with the same liquid metal finish, everything can be perfectly matched. This achieves a harmonious image that cannot be matched with other materials.

OZEON® offers high-quality facade solutions that combine the functional and aesthetic advantages of metal and the durable and functional advantages of pressed mineral wool board. OZEON® Exclusive facade cladding consists of lightweight facade panels finished with VeroMetal®.

A pressed mineral wool panel is used for the base of the OZEON® facade panel. The OZEON® sheets are finished with a VeroMetal® coating in the base metals of copper, bronze iron (rust), gunsmoke or brass; with or without patina. Custom orders can also be made to achieve a specific appearance.

OZEON® facade cladding offers architects maximum design freedom. OZEON® facade panels are lightweight, but very sturdy and durable. They are easy to process and easy to assemble. In addition, the plates are dimensionally stable and fireproof. The OZEON® panels can also be used in other environments where high quality and design are important.

Look here at a project in Sussex, where aluminium parts and the blind rivets were finished with the same copper-green finish as the cladding.