About VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface by spraying, rolling, pouring or with a palette knife or trowel. After application, VeroMetal® possesses all the optical and physical properties of the metal in question.

VeroMetal® is made from real metal and very durable. It adheres well to practically all surfaces and does not crack or peel away. VeroMetal® is available in a range of metals. A unique final finish is achieved by sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising the surface. Each object takes on a unique and characteristic metal look.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Engineer a design with 90% less metal. Replace solid metal parts with a more environmentally friendly solution. For example, choose a lightweight substrate material and coat it with a VeroMetal® metal finish of 120-150 microns. The project has the characteristics and appearance of real metal, but significantly fewer metal resources are consumed.


In addition, the lighter construction provides a saving on energy because less weight is moved. The façade project of the Rabobank in Heerenveen (1.800m2 – Netherlands) was built with façade parts with a total weight (including support structure) of only 18 tons.