Proven quality

Design freedom is not the only reason why leading architects and designers use VeroMetal®; long-standing experience and proven quality are further convincing arguments. Our high-profile and special projects are the best proof of our capabilities: a number of these projects are highlighted under ‘Gallery’.  
For example, VeroMetal® has been used in the Louvre Abu Dhabi and luxurious retail chains for various works of art and as an eye-catching façade cladding. If you would like more information, please contact us.


VeroMetal® can be used indoors and outdoors for all kinds of applications. Architectural designs, façade cladding and construction elements. As a design element for yachts, interiors and shop fittings. Furniture, signage and works of art. VeroMetal deposits a premium metal coating on any shape and surface. After application, the coating results in a lightweight metal finish that is both strong and durable and faithfully follows the contours and details of the original design.

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Recognising quality

Your client is looking for a metal finish, but what is the best option? To offer your client the best end-result it is important to know more about the various options.
The quality of a product is generally proven by a number of things, which include:

  • references – what are the experiences of customers and end-users;
  • technical support and knowledge – good advice is given and knowledge is shared;
  • service and delivery performance – the product is delivered in good condition and on time, personnel are available for questions.

Just a few examples of aspects that allow you to objectively assess the difference in quality.

Realising metal surfaces with cold-liquid metal seems simple, but actually requires knowledge and skills obtained by experience and training. The quality of the end-result is determined by a number of basic elements.

The physical product

The difference between products is partly in the ‘unseen’. The same applies to metal coatings. A metal coating consists of a binder that, together with the added metal, shows the visible features. However, in order to enjoy the end-result in the long-term, the following ‘unseen’ features are important.

One of the most important components, the binder, ensures a perfectly homogeneous liquid mass, so the final applied metal layer meets the quality characteristics to function properly in the long-term.

Important points for attention include shrinkage efficiency of the final product. UV resistance, even distribution of the metal in the mix are important for a long-term good adhesion, processability, and of course fire resistance.

The shelf life of the basic product is also important. For example, how long can an opened can be kept? If this period is too short, it will cost money in the long run and cause frustration. Good to think about this in advance.

Because the binder is such a fundamental element in the process, knowledge about it is also very relevant. The in-house product development and in-house recipe are continuously monitored by in-house R&D to maintain product certainty. Allowing guarantees to develop that will continue to meet the wishes of the ever-developing market.

And finally, what it’s all about in the end, is the end-result. Does the end result really give you the ultimate real metal feel? Then the question immediately arises; how long will the surface retain its beauty?

The quality of the product and correctly processing it has a direct influence on the end-result. It is important that the manufacturer properly manages and controls both parts of the process.

In tests you see that VeroMetal® scores high in areas such as durability, fire resistance, hardness and wear resistance. These test results are an independent and important indicator of quality. The test results are easy to obtain.

A simple look to the past is also a good gauge for judging the overall quality of a product. How long has a brand been around and is it being used successfully? Are users satisfied? What projects have been completed with the product?

Knowledge, experience and service

A product consists of more than just the physical product. Technical competence and experience, market knowledge, and worldwide support in project preparation and realization where necessary, are equally important.

A supplier who knows the market and his product well must be able to provide sound technical advice with a well-founded answer.

They must be prepared to share all knowledge in a relevant learning package and system to train aspiring specialists. This way the quality level will remain high.
The right people are also crucial. Of course you must have a good feeling about that.

A metal finish is so much more than a product in a can!