Spray application

VeroMetal® is a cold metal composite that can be applied to almost any surface. Every object, with every conceivable shape can be given a metal finish. VeroMetal® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In addition to spraying, the sprayable variant can also be rolled. This is ideal to add some texture. If you want a really smooth surface as the end result – comparable to a solid metal plate – then spraying is the best method of application. VeroMetal® can be processed with standard (HVLP) spray equipment.

VeroMetal® products are available in both water-based or solvent-based variants. The products consist of three components; metal powder, binder, and hardener or activator. This composition also applies to the spatulatable variants of VeroMetal®.

The biggest difference between water-based; called Aqua, and solvent-based products is that the maximum gloss level of solvent-based products is slightly higher compared to water-based products. In addition, the soluble variant has a slightly longer shelf-life. The water-based version, on the other hand, is almost odourless.

Check our Gallery for some examples.