Ozeon® facade panels

Facade panel with real metal

High-profile buildings are distinguished by their timeless appeal, intriguing character or seamless integration into their surroundings. These architectural masterpieces are the result of visionary architects – individuals who know how to translate emotion, experience, and identity into a building that stands the test of time.

They are realised by companies that strive for exceptional quality, achievable only with sustainable materials and cutting-edge façade solutions. This ensures that these buildings retain their timeless allure forever.

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Exclusive, unique metal façade solutions

Ozeon® façade solutions are versatile and offer supreme design freedom. Architects, construction companies and building owners can distinguish authenticity and exclusivity.

The use of metals on the exterior of a building adds a unique character, which ranges from sleek and trendy to authentic and stylish, while also exciting, robust and tough. Ozeon® develops cladding that meets all these qualifications, resulting in “The authentic and characteristic of real metal while retaining maximum and unique design freedom.”

Ozeon® exclusive facade cladding

– Maximum design freedom with an exclusive look
– Durable
– Solid but lightweight
– Easy handling, processing and assembly
– Appliable on ventilated facade systems
– Dimensional Stability
– Fire resistant
– ETA certified

High-quality, durable and lightweight

Ozeon® is known for its high-quality sheet materials with characteristic and timeless metals. Facade boards with metals such as copper, zinc, stainless steel, bronze and iron, which are specifically designed for exclusive and special facade solutions. Ozeon® facade panels have all the characteristic properties of real metal. This cladding offers a full, durable and high-quality alternative to solid metal facades. Ozeon® facade panels are lightweight, easy and effective to install.

Aesthetic effect of real metal

Ozeon® (facade) panels, with a surface of real metal, offer various aesthetic possibilities, all with the fundamental properties of the metal in question. The metal is applied to a compressed mineral wool panel, combining the aesthetic effect of real metal with the design freedom of a compact panel material. The appearance of, for example, real copper, bronze, brass, gun smoke, or iron (rust) evolves in the same way as the metals do in either solid and original form.

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Uniform metal appearance for all (facade) elements

Besides the Ozeon® facade panel, it is possible to apply the same metallic finish to other (facade) materials. The liquid metal can be applied to window frames, corner profiles, reveals and other elements that form an integral part of the façade. In this way, a harmonious facade appearance can be created that cannot be matched by using traditional materials.

Combining strength, versatility and authenticity

Ozeon® combines the advantages of stone, wood and real metal in one product. It is as robust as stone, but at the same time even easier to work with than wood. Even detailing with a slight curve poses no problem. In addition, Ozeon® has the authentic look of a real metal façade.

Ozeon® boards have a real metal finish, which means they erode and weather like solid metals. Colour variations are a normal phenomenon with metals and therefore also with our cladding panels. The natural outdoor patination process causes the panels to discolour over time, adding a natural character to each panel and to the façade as a whole. Over time, the outside influences only give the façade an even more unique and authentic look.

Ozeon® panel material is ETA certified and has a CE mark. The panels meet the strict requirements of the European Assessment Directive. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Easy to fix

The Ozeon® facade panel can be fixed using all of the common fixing methods for facades made with pressed mineral wool panels. Both wooden and aluminium rear structures can be used. The panels can be fixed invisibly by glueing, or visibly with screws or pop rivets.

Ozeon® panels and the VeroMetal® metal coating can also be used in interiors or on other elements. Always resulting in a characteristic, high-quality metal look.

For more information about the Ozeon® facade panels, go to www.ozeon.com or send an e-mail to info@ozeon.com.