VeroMetal® can be applied by spraying, rolling, pouring or with a palette knife or trowel.  It can be applied as a smooth coating or in a textured finish. VeroMetal® can be applied in any thickness. As standard, sprayed coatings are approximately 120 microns thick.

After curing, the metal coating can be finished to produce the desired effect. The desired tint, gloss or matt finish and structure are obtained by sanding, polishing, patinating and/or oxidising the surface. The final result is unique and distinctive. If required, the metal finish can be treated to prevent staining and ageing.


After standard pre-treatment of the surface, VeroMetal® can be applied to practically any material. For example: wood, metal, plastic, MDF, concrete and plaster. And glass, fibreglass, porcelain, pottery, terracotta, calcerous materials, cardboard and paper are also possible substrates. Even a flexible substrate can be coated! VeroMetal® is a low-shrinkage coating and does not change the properties of the substrate in any way.