Stucco Application

VeroMetal® is a cold metal composite that can also be applied on almost any surface even using spatulas. The metal composite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


VeroMetal® products for plaster application are available in water-based (VeroMetal AquaFill®) or solvent-based (VeroMetal Filler®) variants. Standard spatula tools are recommended for processing.

The VeroMetal® products consist of three components; metal powder, binder, and hardener or activator. This composition also applies to the sprayable variant of VeroMetal®.


The difference between VeroMetal® Filler and VeroMetal AquaFill® is that the maximum gloss level with the Filler products is slightly higher. VeroMetal® Filler also offers thicker 3D textures that can be made compared to the VeroMetal AquaFill®.


Check our Gallery for some examples.

“VeroMetal AquaFill® renewed and extended!”

–   Easy to apply  

–   long  open  time  

–   maximum metal gloss

VeroMetal AquaFill® is a complete system with an impressive collection of metal wall finishes.

“The ultimate real metal finish for floors, a signature wall or other distinguish surfaces”

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VeroMetal AquaFill®

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    Luxurious design & architecture

    Walls, floors or other elements with a metal finish. Robust and authentic, highly polished to a mirror finish, or eye-catching texture. Outstanding results for your designs for yachts, hotels, home interiors and shop fittings.

    VeroMetal AquaFill® makes it possible for plasterers to realise extraordinary designs.

    The renewed

    VeroMetal AquaFill® metal stucco

    VeroMetal AquaFill® is a real metal stucco that can be applied to practically any surface. After application, VeroMetal AquaFill® bears all the optical and physical properties of the metal used.

    VeroMetal® is the only genuine and original product. Product development was made by our own R&D, together with leading plasterers. Resulting in the renewed VeroMetal AquaFill® product – with an even more improved end result.

    Easier to process, longer open time.

    The product is now even easier to process and has a longer open time. This gives you plenty of time to give each surface the desired finish.  VeroMetal AquaFill® adheres very well to almost any surface. VeroMetal AquaFill® is odourless, so no unpleasant smells remain after application.

    With the addition of VeroMetal AquaFill® Primer, VeroMetal AquaFill® is a complete system. The short drying times ensure that you can continue to work in quick succession.

    Always a unique finish

    By sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising the surface, a unique final finish is achieved. The  processed surface can be sanded to a very high, unparalleled metal gloss finish.

    A smooth glossy appearance, or a finish with an aged and weathered structure – everything is possible with VeroMetal AquaFill®. Each wall or floor takes on a characteristic metal look.

    A VeroMetal AquaFill® finish is easy to clean and maintain. Damaged surfaces may even be restored, depending on the gloss level of the finish.

    Frits Kool:

    “At Stuc Design Center, we want to offer our customers something special in terms of finishes. We use many decorative techniques, and we like to work with VeroMetal AquaFill®. You can create a lot of textures and structures with it. Also, the amount of gloss, is really very high. We think this is very important, because in general our customers think it is very beautiful. Our customers are always enthusiastic about the end result.”

    Frits Kool from Stuc Design Center Frits Kool

    Extensive collection

    VeroMetal AquaFill® is available in a broad selection of metals including; brass, bronze, copper, ‘gold’, iron, nickel-silver and tin. It is also possible to mix the base metals as desired.

    The water-based metal stucco can be processed in various ways, such as; brushing, polishing and weathering. Each result is unique. Would you like an introduction to our metals and possible finishes? Check out: ‘METALS & FINISHES’.

    Frits Kool:

    “VeroMetal® is very advanced in the development of metal stucco. They are constantly improving the product and are always looking for the best materials. We are always looking for unique and new products with the best quality. We see that the VeroMetal® metal stucco is from another level. VeroMetal AquaFill® really stands out for us in terms of quality. That’s why we work with VeroMetal AquaFill®.”

    “Recently, our client, the Pharus Foundation, wanted to have an elevator shaft finished with metal. No metal worker however, was willing to take on the project. They all found it too difficult to realize. With VeroMetal AquaFill®, we were able to deliver the elevator shaft with a unique metal finish.”

    Frits Kool from Stuc Design Center Frits Kool

    Proven quality

    Due to the design freedom, years of experience and proven quality means that leading architects, designers and plasterers use VeroMetal AquaFill®.

    The proof of our high-profile and special projects can be found on our website under ‘GALLERY’. Examples of these VeroMetal® projects can also be seen in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, luxury retail chains, home interiors and superyachts.

    Frits Kool:

    “For us, VeroMetal® is a really nice partner to work with. They move very quickly, all you have to do is call and it will be arranged. Another major advantage is that VeroMetal® guarantees the quality and exclusivity of their products. VeroMetal AquaFill® is not available everywhere, VeroMetal® only supplies to recognized plasterers. Practical training courses are organized for this, where all facets of working with VeroMetal AquaFill® are covered. In this way, as a certified professional specialist, you have something exclusive to offer your customers, and that is really great added value.”

    Frits Kool from Stuc Design Center Frits Kool

    Certified processors

    VeroMetal AquaFill® can be used outdoors and indoors for a wide range of applications. Application and finishing is a labour-intensive and complex process.

    Our ultimate goal for every project made with VeroMetal AquaFill®, is a superior end result. We achieve this by working together with a select network of certified plasterers. VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterers are well trained and qualified.

    Certified VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterers have undergone intensive training at our training centre. The training focuses on processing, application and post-processing of the metal stucco.

    We educate the participants in detail about the countless application areas and unique properties of VeroMetal AquaFill®.  After the successful completion of training, they are recognised as a ‘VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterer’.