VeroMetal AquaFill®

“Your solution for extraordinary real metal wall and floor covering work”

Luxurious design & architecture

Walls, floors or other elements with a metal finish. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. An exclusive metal finishing touch to your design for yachts, hotels, housing and shop interiors. VeroMetal AquaFill® makes it possible for plasterers to realise extraordinary designs.

VeroMetal AquaFill® metal stucco

VeroMetal AquaFill® is a metal stucco that can be applied to practically any surface. After application, VeroMetal AquaFill® bears all the optical and physical properties of the metal in question.

Sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising creates a unique final finish. A silky lustrous appearance or an antiquated and weathered look, everything is possible with VeroMetal AquaFill®. Each wall or floor takes on a characteristic metal look.

VeroMetal AquaFill® adheres well to practically any type of surface. It does not crack or peel away. Since VeroMetal AquaFill® is odor-free, it leaves no unpleasant smells after applying.

VeroMetal AquaFill® metal stucco is easy to clean and maintain. Damaged surfaces may even be restored, depending on the gloss level of the finish.

Extensive range

VeroMetal AquaFill® is available in many different kinds of metal, such as brass, bronze, copper, ‘gold’, iron, nickel-silver and zinc. In addition, it is possible to mix the base metals as desired.

Every water-based metal stucco can be processed in various ways, such as by brushing, polishing and weathering. Each result is unique! Would you like an introduction to all of our metals and finishes? Then please visit the ‘metals & finishes’ page.

Proven quality

The freedom of design offered by VeroMetal AquaFill® makes it an obvious choice for architects and designers.  Furthermore, our long standing experience and proven quality never fail to inspire confidence.

Indeed, our high-profile and special projects demonstrate our capabilities: a number of these projects are highlighted under ‘Gallery’. For example, VeroMetal® has been used in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, luxurious retail chains, housing and magnificent super yachts.

Authorised application specialists

VeroMetal AquaFill® can be used only indoors for a wide range of applications. Applying and finishing is a complex process and requires expertise and craftsmanship.

Our ultimate goal is a fantastic final result for all projects where VeroMetal AquaFill® is used. To achieve this, we collaborate with a carefully vetted network of authorised plasterers. VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterers are well-trained and have extensive experience.

Authorised VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterers have completed an intensive course at our training centre. The training course focuses on mixing, applying and finishing the metal stucco.

We give the participants detailed instruction in the numerous areas of application and unique properties of VeroMetal AquaFill®.  After completing the course successfully, they receive their certificates as authorised VeroMetal AquaFill® plasterers.