Metal in high-end interior design

Metal is inextricably linked to high-quality design in interiors, architecture and art. High-quality is key in superyacht design and build. Every project obtains a unique look with metal. Coarse, heavy and robust. Fine, light and elegant. Rusty and rustic. Shiny and luxurious.

Metal is highly sought after as a high-quality finish in design of high-end interiors, such as superyacht interiors.

VeroMetal®, our cold-liquid metal coating made of real metal, has also become an integral part of interior design for superyachts. Our many years of experience and the proven quality of our metal coatings make VeroMetal® the first choice for leading superyacht designers and builders.

Together with renowned designers and interior builders, we ensure that every superyacht design with VeroMetal® achieves an optimal result. We are always there to assist, so you get the most excellent result.

Customers note:

“We are yacht builders, and everything we make has to be at a superior level. Our customers set very high standards and demand the highest quality in terms of material, finish and appearance.

We really go a step further when it comes to application and finishing with VeroMetal®, so that we can achieve a more than perfect end-result. With VeroMetal® we can add the luxurious accents to yacht interiors that our customers demand.”

Free and safe design with metal coating

VeroMetal® gives designers total freedom in design, form and use of material. Our metal coatings, made from real metals, can be applied to almost any surface. Our coatings can be applied to plastic, glass, concrete, wood, plaster, paper, textile, etc. Surfaces may be curved shapes, convex or dented, everything can be given a metal look with our metal coatings.

IMO certified, safety garanteed

In yacht building, it is extremely important to use safe and certified materials. All of VeroMetal® products have been extensively tested and are safe to use. VeroMetal® is IMO certified. This certificate guarantees safety and that we meet the requirements in yacht building. The certification applies to all metals both the VeroMetal® water-based and solvent-based variants. The combination of VeroMetal® with an IMO-certified base material, ensures that all requirements in yacht building are met.
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Quality lightweight metal coating of real metal

VeroMetal® metal coating is a cold-liquid metal, made from real metals. It gives surfaces a top layer with a luxurious look. The applied layer forms a strong and durable yet lightweight metal finish, preserving contours and details of the original design. After application, the coating has all the optical and physical properties of the metal concerned. The cold-liquid metal coating of VeroMetal® can be applied seamlessly to almost any surface and almost any shape. Even on a flexible surface! VeroMetal® hardly shrinks and adheres firmly to surfaces.

Customers note:

“The conditions on a yacht usually demand a lot from the materials that are used. In the exterior, but also in the interior. The air conditioning, the humidity in the outside air and the salty seawater create special situations.

We have therefore tested all samples under extreme conditions with VeroMetal®. This gives great confidence, to know how the substrate reacts and can handle extraordinary situations . Even under these extreme circumstances, we have few adhesion problems with VeroMetal®.”

Luxurious appearance with metal coatings

After application, the metal top layer can be finished in many different ways. It can for example, be sanded, polished, patinated or oxidized. Waxed, sandblasted, treated with steel wool or sanded with oil. The possibilities are truly endless.

VeroMetal® has a wide variety of standard metals available, including: bronze, copper, brass, zinc, iron, manganese and stainless steel. You can also opt for a tailor-made exclusive mix of metals. Our material ensures that every design gets exactly the right shade, shine, matt or structure. Together with the designer and interior builder, we choose the best metal coating for the design.

Thanks to various methods of application and processing, designs with our metal coatings always have a high-end appearance. Think of a matt finish, or a highly polished metal for a seamless and sleek finish. Whatever one chooses, with VeroMetal® the end result is always unique. Every design is one of a kind.

Customers note:

“Within yacht interior construction, it’s all about the details. Every part is made from the best materials, and then finished to perfection. The end-result must be perfect without exception. We apply VeroMetal® in an even layer, and then process it in such a way that we achieve that perfect finish.

By sanding it the right way, we can even finish it to a high gloss, then there will be no more sanding scratches in the surface. That requires real craftsmanship. With our craftsmanship, in combination with the quality of VeroMetal®, we achieve end-results with an exceptional appearance.”

Partnership with VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® strives to ensure that all parties come into contact with each other – in order to achieve an optimal result. Together with the designer and interior builder our technicians search for the right metal coating in our range, or we make a custom mix of metals.

They also consider which finish gives the metal the desired appearance. Many finishes are possible from rough versus polished or patinated versus untreated surface. Our extensive experience in the yacht building industry and technical knowledge can help you to find the best solutions.

Together we strive for the maximum result for every project. We do this by facilitating open cooperation with all parties involved, clear communication and by giving sincere and honest advice. You will achieve the best and most efficient result by involving us at an early stage of the design process.

Please feel free to contact us we are pleased to help. View here our high-profile and special projects in which VeroMetal® has been applied.

Customers note:

“We work exclusively with VeroMetal®, when we work with metal coatings. We have seen other products, but they do not have the quality we are looking for. VeroMetal® really is a super product, it always meets our expectations. With the right craftsmanship you can achieve really astonishing results.

We can also always rely on the people at VeroMetal® for advice and consultation. They respond quickly to our questions. Conversely, we can also support VeroMetal® with the knowledge we gain during processing and finishing. Everyone is open about this, and that works very well. This lets us collectively lift every project to the highest level.”