Safety in yacht building

VeroMetal® IMO certified

Yacht building has realised the importance in using certified materials to ensure safety for many years. The predecessor of the IMO was already established in the middle of the last century.  Ensuring safety and certification is also important for surface finishes.

The products used must meet certain qualifications to be used safely in shipping. Organisations must record the production process, so that all products are produced according to requirements. In the yacht building industry, this is regulated and monitored through IMO certification. Only accredited institutions are allowed to issue an IMO certificate.

VeroMetal® is IMO certified for all metals, for both water-based and solvent-based variants. The combination of VeroMetal® with an IMO-certified base material, ensures that all requirements in yacht building are met.

The importance of certified products

A client wants his yacht to comply with all regulations. The yard or contractor is responsible for ensuring that this happens. The contractor passes this obligation on to its suppliers. But the yard or contractor remains ultimately responsible. Should anyone in the supply chain be negligent about the regulations, there is a risk that when inspected by a certified body, that the yacht will not be approved and will have to be modified.

Control is necessary.  There are examples of misleading communication, where people try to convince clients that they are IMO certified, but the genuine certificates are missing. Sometimes clients will be offered a test, but a test alone does not give a guarantee and is actually insufficient. To avoid unapproved products being used, it is important to ask to see the certificate and check the number on it. The number stated on it can be checked with the organization that carried out the certification.

When architects and designers make their designs using only safe and certified products, this will avoid problems during realisation.