Industry applications

Metal coating for Industry Applications

Metal is inextricably linked to high-quality design in architecture, interior and art. Every project takes on a unique look with metal. Coarse, heavy and robust. Fine, light and elegant. Rusty and rustic. Shiny and luxurious. Metal is a desirable high-quality finish for elements for both interiors and exteriors: such as steel doors, window frames and banisters.

Metal is also increasingly used as a finish for special objects, such as exclusive musical instruments, furniture and art. Thanks to our many years of experience, the proven quality and the wide applicability of our metal coatings, VeroMetal® is the first choice in every industry. From architecture to interior design, and from unique objects to industry applications.

Monique van Balkom:

“We make exclusive and unique elements for interiors and exteriors. Steel doors, windows, frames, mirrors, banisters and other elements.

VeroMetal® fits very well with what we do. VeroMetal® radiates customisation and exclusivity. Every project becomes unique with VeroMetal®.”

Monique van Balkom is a creative advisor and also owner of ‘t Stalen Huys

Our metal coating is real metal

The metal coating from VeroMetal® is a cold liquid metal, made from real metals. It gives surfaces a top layer with a luxurious look. Each applied layer forms a strong and durable yet lightweight metal finish, preserving contours and details of the original design.

After application, the coating has all the optical and physical properties of the metal used and, like solid metal, requires very little maintenance. The metal coating of VeroMetal® can be applied seamlessly to almost any surface and almost any shape.

Monique van Balkom:

“When you talk about VeroMetal®, you talk about a metal. VeroMetal® has the effect of metal, the touch of metal, and the feel of metal.

It really behaves like metal. It discolours, it changes, and it lives much more than solid steel. Our customers from the higher segment are enchanted by this”

Monique van Balkom is a creative advisor and also owner of ‘t Stalen Huys

The same metal coating for exteriors, interiors and special objects

VeroMetal® metal coatings are suitable for a diversity of applications, including facade elements, interior elements and consumer objects. Industry producers can apply the metal coatings to almost any type of surface. Striking facade cladding, facade parts, window frames, doors, walls and furniture, but also on special objects such as musical instruments and works of art.

Because the coatings can be applied to almost any surface, the chosen metal finish can be consistently implemented in all elements of a design. Our metal coating gives every project a special character.

Seamless finish with metal coating

The cold-liquid metal coating of VeroMetal® can be applied seamlessly to almost any surface and almost any shape. Even on a flexible surface! VeroMetal® hardly shrinks and adheres firmly to each surface. The sprayable metal finish also leaves the properties of the substrate intact. This way, the wood grain in a beautiful wooden floor and the structure on a wall or floor remain visible. VeroMetal® metal coatings give any design a lightweight metal finish without seams. Also retaining the specific properties of the original design.

Erik Nieuwenhuisen:

“As luthiers we have a very high standard of workmanship. The design of a guitar model is very refined, with a nice curvature of the guitar neck so that it fits well in the hand.

These characteristics of the guitar are preserved, because of the high quality VeroMetal® coatings, and the high-quality finish by our application specialist; Ron Zonderwijk (Zonderwijk Spuiterij).”

Erik Nieuwenhuisen is a production manager at Aristides Instruments, high-end guitar makers

Applying metal coating

The coatings can be applied in various ways. The metal coating can be sprayed in a thin layer of 120-150 microns, or VeroMetal® can be spattered or poured into a thicker consistency. And by using a texture roller, the metal can even be given a special texture.

After application, the metal top layer can be finished in many different ways. It can for example be: sanded, polished, patinated or oxidized. Waxed, sandblasted, treated with steel wool or sanded with oil. The possibilities are truly endless. Whatever one chooses, with a metal finish the end result is always unique. Every design is one of a kind.

Different styles and appearances with metal coatings

VeroMetal® has a wide variety of base metals available, including: bronze, copper, brass, zinc, iron, manganese and stainless steel. You can also opt for a tailor-made exclusive mix of metals. Our material ensures that every design gets exactly the right shade, shine, matt or structure. Together with the designer, we choose the best metal coating for the design.

The various ways that our metal coatings can be applied and processed ensures that designs always have a unique appearance. Think of a matt finish or a highly polished metal. Sometimes a weathered look goes better with a design. This is also possible with our metals; iron for example, easily takes on a rusty appearance, or opt for an appearance of blue steel.

Monique van Balkom:

“VeroMetal® offers a lot of creative possibilities. You can use it in all directions in terms of finish and patina. We like to create a more robust and tough look.

If, for example a certain texture forms during patination, we work with it. Depending on the effect of light, such a texture always gives a special effect. Then you really get that look of lived metal. We like to work with VeroMetal® that way.”

Monique van Balkom is a creative advisor and also owner of ‘t Stalen Huys

Collaborating with VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® likes to ensure that all parties come into contact with each other – in order to achieve an optimal result. Together with the architects and project leaders, our technicians search for the right metal coating, or make a custom mix of metals.

They also consider which finish will give the metal the desired appearance. Many finishes are possible from rough versus polished, or patinated versus untreated surface.

Together we strive for the maximum result for each object. We do this by facilitating open cooperation with all parties involved, clear communication and by giving sincere and honest advice. We also understand that delivery time is an important factor in the industry.

It is not without reason that VeroMetal® always has plenty of all metals in stock, which is one of the reasons why it distinguishes itself in the market. Please feel free to contact us and view here the high-profile and special projects where VeroMetal® has been applied.

Erik Nieuwenhuisen:

“We have been working with VeroMetal® since 2010, and with a certified VeroMetal® application specialist, Spuiterij Zonderwijk for several years now. We carry out part of the finishing work ourselves, and Spuiterij Zonderwijk takes care of part of it for us.

We have a very nice collaboration with Ron Zonderwijk, and Ron provides us with advice where necessary. In this way we realize many beautiful and unique guitars together.”

Erik Nieuwenhuisen is a production manager at Aristides Instruments, high-end guitar makers