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Metal in architecture, interior design and art

Metal is inextricably linked to contemporary design in architecture, interior design and art. Metal gives a unique look to every project. Coarse, heavy or robust. Fine, light or elegant. Rusty or rustic. Shiny or luxurious.

Metal is a popular material in the design world. VeroMetal®, our cold-liquid metal coating made with real metal, is also an integral part of contemporary design.

Through many years of experience and the proven quality of our metal coatings, VeroMetal® has become the first choice for leading architects, designers and artists.

Together with certified VeroMetal® application specialists, we ensure that every project achieves an optimal result with VeroMetal®.

Won de Bie:

“VeroMetal® is an exclusive product, and craftsmanship makes it even more exclusive. Once you have specialised in this, you really have something superior to offer your customer. You can really put yourself on the map as an Application Specialist. Then great projects will come your way.

VeroMetal® travels the world and is mainly used in the luxury market, from superyachts to high-end interior design. That is of course for a reason.”

Won de Bie owns Metal Design Coatings in Alkmaar. Metal Design Coatings focuses exclusively on the application of VeroMetal® metal coatings on components for both interiors and exteriors.

Realising the most beautiful projects for special customers with VeroMetal®

Our ultimate goal is to create a fantastic end-result for any project where VeroMetal® is used. To achieve this, we work together with a carefully selected network of certified application specialists. VeroMetal® application specialists are true professionals with a good dose of creativity, who want to do everything they can for every customer. They strive for the highest quality, both in service and craftsmanship. This is the only way, because a VeroMetal® application specialists work for customers who only settle for the very best.

VeroMetal® ensures that all parties have contact with each other, in order to achieve an optimal result. Together with the designer, our specialists search for the right metal coating, or make a custom mix of metals. In addition, they look at which finish they can use to give the metal the right appearance.

Ron Zonderwijk:

“The strength behind VeroMetal® is that they ensure that you can build your customer base. By collaborating with VeroMetal® you gain access to a certain market, and the opportunity to build brand awareness there.

With VeroMetal® you have something exclusive to offer, which distinguishes you from ordinary paint shops. Customers now find their way to us – especially if they want to have VeroMetal® sprayed”

Ron Zonderwijk is the owner of Spuiterij Zonderwijk in Noordwijkerhout. Spuiterij Zonderwijk is an all-round paint shop with a specialisation in the application of VeroMetal® metal coatings.

Training and certification

VeroMetal® has many years of experience in processing and applying VeroMetal® metal coating. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to Application Specialists with a passion for their profession and a passion for our product. Certified VeroMetal® Application Specialists complete an intensive two-day training at our training centre. The training focuses on all facets, processing, application and finishing of the coating. We educate participants in detail about the countless ways of application, and the unique properties of VeroMetal®. They also learn about the market and calculating. After successful completion of the training, they are recognised VeroMetal® Application Specialists.

Cooperation and service

We are happy to remain involved with our Application Specialists. We readily share our knowledge and insights, so that they too can continue to develop. In addition, we share our contacts to ensure that we are closely involved to help and support each other.

It goes without saying that we guarantee the excellent quality of our products. But also that our service is of the same high-level. We consciously work on this every day and our punctual deliveries ensure that our customers can always work with the best material.

Rob Nagtzaam:

“The material, the delivery, is always arranged quickly, which is very convenient. A while ago we suddenly needed a lot of material for a project, so it was reassuring to know that there is sufficient stock in the VeroMetal® warehouse.

The batches are of constant quality and the composition is very consistent. Within one project it is possible to process the batches without any problems. You can really rely on it, which is great.”

Rob Nagtzaam is the owner of Bronze Special Art in Bergschenhoek. Bronze Special Art specialises in exclusive metal finishes for both interiors and exteriors, and focuses on the realisation of art objects in VeroMetal® metal coatings.

Qualitative metal coating of real metal

VeroMetal® metal coating is a cold liquid metal, made from real metals. It gives surfaces a top layer with a luxurious look. The applied layer forms a strong and durable, yet lightweight metal finish, preserving the contours and details of the original design.

After application, the coating has all the optical and physical properties of the metal concerned. The cold liquid metal coating of VeroMetal® can be applied seamlessly to almost any surface and almost any shape. Even on a flexible surface! VeroMetal® adheres firmly and hardly shrinks.

Rob Nagtzaam:

“The freedom of form of VeroMetal® is an incredibly satisfying feature. And it’s real metal, which is what customers want. That real metal look! Our customers almost always opt for VeroMetal®.

VeroMetal® is the best alternative to solid bronze castings. It has the look, it is equally beautiful, and equally durable. And it has the same properties as the real metal.”

Rob Nagtzaam is the owner of Bronze Special Art in Bergschenhoek. Bronze Special Art specialises in exclusive metal finishes for both interiors and exteriors, and focuses on the realisation of art objects in VeroMetal® metal coatings.

Applying metal coating

VeroMetal® coatings can be applied in various ways. The metal coating is sprayed in a thin layer of 120-150 microns, or VeroMetal® can be spattered or poured to a thicker consistency. By using a texture roller, the metal can even be given a special texture.

After application, the metal top layer can be finished in many different ways. For example, it can be sanded, polished, patinated or oxidized. It can also be waxed, sandblasted, treated with steel wool or sanded with oil. The possibilities are truly endless. Whatever you choose, for a metal finish the end result is always unique. Any design is ‘one of a kind’.

Anton Duits:

“The product is really consistent in terms of processing. It is your own product knowledge, your processing methods and a large part of your own creativity that allows you to achieve a unique end-result each time.

If you want to have a beautiful door in tin, lead or bronze in a certain interior, it is very expensive to realise this in the solid material. VeroMetal® is a perfect alternative solution. You can then refinish an existing or new door made of practical material; such as wood or MDF, with the desired metal.”

Anton Duits is the owner of the Gelderse Meubelpaintery in Ede. De Gelderse Meubelpainting specialises in high-quality spraying of furniture and interior elements.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Thanks to VeroMetal®, designs can be achieved with 90% less metal – by simply replacing solid metal parts with our more environmentally friendly metal coatings. Choose a lightweight substrate with a VeroMetal® metal finish of 120-150 microns. In this way, a project gets the appearance of real metal, while using significantly less raw metal material.

In addition to saving on raw metal materials, the lighter construction also saves energy because less weight is moved. In addition to cheaper transport, the lighter parts are also easier to handle in the workshop and during processing on location.

Anton Duits:

“VeroMetal® keeps up with the times, I think that’s a strong point. They recently developed water-based products that are even more environmentally friendly.

I look forward to working with that. It is great to see that they continue to develop. That is important, because for many customers, sustainability is a factor that counts.”

Anton Duits is the owner of the Gelderse Meubelpaintery in Ede. De Gelderse Meubelpainting specialises in high-quality spraying of furniture and interior elements.