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Metal and design

Metal is inextricably linked to contemporary design in architecture, interior design and art. Metal lends a unique look to each project. Coarse, heavy and robust. Fine, light and elegant. Rusty and rustic. Shiny and luxurious. Metal is a popular material in the design world. VeroMetal®, cold-liquid metal coating made with real metal, has also become an integral part of today’s design world.

The boundaries of design are often determined by the possibilities of the materials. VeroMetal® metal coating pushes these boundaries with their metal finish that can be applied to almost any surface and material.

VeroMetal® metal coatings offer a significant number of advantages that result in an ‘almost unlimited freedom of designing with metal’. Advantages including; lightweight, free choice of surfaces for application, freedom of form, seamless finish, indoor and outdoor applications.

Our metal coating is real metal

VeroMetal® metal coatings are cold-liquid metals, made with real metals. Our coatings give surfaces a strong, durable and lightweight real metal top layer, with a luxurious look. After application, the coating has all the optical and physical properties of the metal.

VeroMetal® metal coatings can make any surface look like solid metal. Our lightweight metal coatings are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and a durable alternative to solid metal.

Janneke van Woudenberg:

“VeroMetal® offers immeasurable design possibilities with metal. It is a new product for me, which I will continue to use in my designs. Liquid metal is a really good solution when you run into the practical limitations of solid steel.

VeroMetal® even feels cold – like real metal. It is of course, real metal that you spray onto a surface, so understandably, it also gives the feeling of metal. It is really different from the alternatives, such as powder coating or metal paint”.

Janneke van Woudenberg is Senior Designer at Wolterinck. Wolterinck is a high-end design agency for interiors, exteriors, gardens and products.

Free design with metal coatings

VeroMetal® gives designers total freedom in design, form and use of material.  Our metal coatings, made with real metals, can be applied to almost any surface. Our coatings can be applied to plastic, glass, concrete, wood, plaster, paper, textiles, etc. It can be applied to curved shapes, convex or dented surfaces, everything can achieve a metallic look with our metal coatings.

VeroMetal® AquaFill metal stucco is also used as an option for wall finishes.

Every design becomes unique, distinctive and surprising. Whether it is used in a complete interior, shop fitting, or just a separate building element; everything can have a metallic look.

Different styles and looks with metal coatings

Through various methods of application and processing, designs with our metal coatings always have a unique appearance. Whether you want to achieve a highly polished metal, or matt finish, or sometimes a weathered appearance fits better with the design.

Everything is all possible with our metals; iron, for example, takes on a rusty appearance, and blue steel appearance can be achieved by patinating the manganese metal coating.

VeroMetal® offers a wide range of standard metals, including: bronze, copper, brass, zinc, iron, manganese and stainless steel. It is also possible to request an exclusive tailor-made mix of metals. Our material ensures that every design gets just the right shade, shine, matt or structure. Together with the designer, we can offer the best metal coating for the design.

Seamless finish with a metal coatings

The cold-liquid metal coatings from VeroMetal® can be applied seamlessly to almost any surface and almost any shape. Even on a flexible surface! VeroMetal® hardly shrinks and adheres firmly to the surface.

The sprayable metal finish also leaves the properties of the substrate intact. This can be seen in the wood grain in a beautiful wooden floor, or the structure on a wall or floor remain visible. Re-spraying a texture also has a very special effect.  VeroMetal® metal coatings give any design a lightweight metal finish without seams, preserving the contours and details of the original design.

Janneke van Woudenberg:

“One of our customers, in addition to concrete and wooden elements, wanted a metal wall in the design of an exclusive villa. We chose to cover all the walls in the central hall with metal.

Using real metal plates was not feasible. So, we chose to work with VeroMetal®. With VeroMetal® we were able to process the walls in such a way that it looks like the walls are clad with solid metal plates.”

Janneke van Woudenberg is Senior Designer at Wolterinck. Wolterinck is a high-end design agency for interiors, exteriors, gardens and products.

The same metal coating for interior and exterior

Metal coatings from VeroMetal® are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Architects and designers can apply our metal coatings in any type of project exterior and interior. Stylish living spaces in homes and villas, such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, but the coating can also be used in outdoor finishing. Bring the style from the outside in or from the inside out.

In addition to enhancing homes, VeroMetal® metal coatings are also used for luxury shop fittings, attractive restaurants interiors and office or project interiors. Because the coatings can be applied to virtually any surface both indoors and outdoors, the chosen metal can be consistently applied to all elements of a design. Our metal coatings give each project a special character, inside and outside.

Applying metal coatings

Coatings can be applied in various ways. The metal coating is sprayed in a thin layer of 120-150 microns, or VeroMetal® can be spattered or poured to obtain a thicker consistency. And by using a texture roller, the metal can be given a special texture.

After application, the metal top layer can be reworked in many different ways. It can be sanded, polished, patinated or oxidised, waxed, sandblasted, treated with steel wool or sanded with oil. The possibilities are truly endless. Whatever one chooses, the end result is always unique with a real metal finish. Every design is one of a kind.

Collaboration with VeroMetal®

In order to achieve an optimal result, VeroMetal® likes to bring all parties into contact with each other. Our processors, in consultation with the designer, will look for the right metal coating, or make a custom mix of metals. They also consider which finish gives the metal the right appearance, as so many finishes are possible from rough to polished, from patinated to an untreated surface.

Together, we strive for the best possible result for every project. We ensure that all parties are involved, and provide clear communication and offer sincere and honest advice. Do you want to know how we can help you with your next project? Please feel free to contact us, and check out here how VeroMetal® has been applied in our ‘high-profile and special projects’.

Janneke van Woudenberg:

“We have an excellent collaboration with VeroMetal®. Everything is always in good consultation. Samples, for example, are always delivered on time. For us as architects, it is very satisfying if everything goes well in the preliminary phase.”

Wolterinck designed a unique statement for an exclusive villa on the water. In the central hall of the house, the walls are covered with VeroMetal®. See and read more about this project.