Museum De Lakenhal

Elegantly connecting elements in Museum De Lakenhal

The new wing of Museum De Lakenhal, created by Happel, Cornelisse & Verhoeven Architects, is designed to connect contrasting elements of past and present times.

Eyecatching metal-coated bannisters and railings form a bridge between these divergent worlds.

Bannisters and railings

The bannisters and railings create seamless transitions between different constructions, spaces and architectonic patterns.

The balustrades function as construction elements, but with their refined surface of VeroMetal® Brass with a delicate patina they contribute to the overall aesthethic experience.

The brass metal finish gives the railings an exclusive, yet sophisticated look, but without stealing the spotlight from the design or space. With VeroMetal® finishes, function and form converge.

Contrastive character

The bannisters and railings are finished with VeroMetal® Brass with a potassium polysulfide patina. This coating expresses timeless elegance. It adjusts flawlessly to the splendour of the Lakenhal’s historical elements the one moment, while perfectly blending in with contemporary design the next.

The liquid metal coating perfectly reflects the museum’s contrastive character. Being modest and supportive on the one hand, reinforcing architectural designs. Yet, the quality and power to function as an artistic object on its own.

Bannisters and railings at Museum De Lakenhal


VeroMetal® Brass


potassium polysulfide patina

Surface finish:

sanded and steel wool


galvanised steel


Happel, Cornelisse & Verhoeven


Karin Borghouts

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