VeroMetal Champagne

VeroMetal® Champagne is a pale, yellowish gold shade conveying warmth and sophistication. The shade is timeless and versatile, always able to add a touch of class to any setting. Allowing you to give all your materials a chic and glamorous look.

VeroMetal® Champagne can be polished from matt to a high gloss, or by applying a patina, it takes on an aged look. The possibilities are endless.

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VeroMetal® is a liquid, cold-workable metal. VeroMetal® can be applied easily to practically any surface by spraying, pouring or with a palette knife. After application, the metal coating can be polished, brushed or patinated to produce the desired finish.


The images shown are just a few examples of the endless possibilities with VeroMetal®. The size and type of project and base materials to which VeroMetal® can be applied are countless. The possible finishes are infinite, from highly polished to an aged metal look.
The numbers displayed in the images do NOT refer to samples that can be ordered. They are there only for reference.