Design freely with liquid metal

VeroMetal® is the cold liquid metal which realizes a real metal finish on about every surface and design. VeroMetal® offers an enormous design freedom and new possibilities to design with real metal. For example, bronze, copper, brass,iron / rust, zinc, tin or stainless steel.


VeroMetal® can be applied by spraying, spatulate or rolling and is suitable for internal as well as exterior use. After application, the surface can be sanded, polished, patinated, same as if it would be the original massif metal.

Design flexibility

This finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs. The design takes on all the properties and character of bronze, copper, zinc, iron or one of the many other metals that are available. Exquisite finishes on façade cladding, door and window frames, interior fittings, super yachts and works of art.

VeroMetal® can be applied to any surface, in different thicknesses. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture – VeroMetal® makes it possible. VeroMetal® allows you to create many different unique inspiring textures and designs in metal.

Proven quality

Design freedom is not the only reason why leading architects and designers use VeroMetal®; long-standing experience and proven quality are further convincing arguments.

Our high-profile and special projects are the best proof of our capabilities: a number of these projects are highlighted under ‘Gallery’. For example, VeroMetal® has been used in the Louvre Abu Dhabi and luxurious retail chains for various works of art and as an eye-catching façade cladding. If you would like more information, please contact us.


After standard pre-treatment of the surface, VeroMetal® can be applied to practically any material. For example: wood, metal, plastic, MDF, concrete and plaster. And glass, fibreglass, porcelain, pottery, terracotta, calcerous materials, cardboard and paper are also possible substrates. Even a flexible substrate can be coated! VeroMetal® is a low-shrinkage coating and does not change the properties of the substrate in any way.

Training and certification

Our ultimate goal is a fantastic final result for all projects where VeroMetal® is used. To achieve this, we collaborate with a carefully vetted network of authorised installers. VeroMetal® installers are well-trained and have extensive experience.

Authorised VeroMetal® installers have completed an intensive two-day course at our training centre. The training course focuses on mixing, applying and finishing the coating. We give the participants detailed instruction in the numerous areas application and unique properties of VeroMetal®.  After completing the course successfully, they receive their certificates as authorised VeroMetal® application specialists.


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